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Garage roof leaking? Tips from a professional roofer

Garagedach undicht? Tipps vom Profi-Dachdeckermeister

Selim Fritz |

As an experienced master roofer, I know how important it is to properly seal a garage roof, especially when it is a foil roof with sloped insulation. In this blog post, I will tell you all about sealing a garage roof with foil roof and sloped insulation, from the materials required to the tools needed.

Materials for sealing a garage roof:

To seal a garage roof with foil roofing and sloped insulation, you need high-quality materials such as waterproofing membranes, sloped insulation, adhesives and sealants. These materials must be carefully selected and professionally installed to ensure long-term sealing and protection against moisture.

Tools for installation:

To install a garage roof with foil roofing and sloped insulation, you will need a number of specialized tools, including cutting tools such as knives and scissors, bending pliers, heat guns and pressure rollers. These tools are critical to precisely cutting, shaping and attaching the waterproofing materials to ensure an effective seal.

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And here is a helpful video on sealing a garage roof with foil roofing and sloped insulation: youtube.com/watch?v=yourvideo . It offers practical instructions and tips for successful sealing.