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The Foundation

2017 was the turning point when we launched our own YouTube channel (dachpro). - & We shot videos. Day after day we made videos, shared our knowledge and experiences and built a loyal community. We went through many ups and downs, but we didn't get discouraged. Our passion drove us forward and the support of our viewers gave us the energy to keep going. The years passed and we gained more and more recognition in the roofing industry. Our videos have been appreciated by many people and we have become a trusted source for roofing information and tips. We have been blown away by the response and incredibly grateful for the support we have received.

When our founder Selim Fritz founded Dach PRO a few years ago, he found out that the craft profession unfortunately gets far too little attention.

And that's how the first idea for Dach PRO came about.

It started with a small thought and grew into so much more.

Starting with a few clothes for fans, to our first collaborations with tool manufacturers, to our own brand!

A large number of tool manufacturers have now made it into our shop.

Shirts like the Big Red, Dach Ultras Shirt, DachRocker and many more have become indispensable.

We then created a milestone with the holster.

We work on new ideas, new products and innovations every day. Important: It should have a function!

Selim - master roofer, founder and managing director, influencer, online marketing.

Later I want to make a difference! I gradually discovered the potential and passion for social media & textiles and today I can say that I love and live my job.

When I had my master's degree in my pocket, I just started my YouTube channel called "Dach PRO".
In addition to my job, the construction sites, client meetings and writing proposals, I started editing videos.
It started with one employee, but as the number grew I decided to focus more on YouTube and open my own shop.
Since then, videos have been produced regularly and new ideas collected.
Timo - Electrician, shop manager, personnel management, customer service, warehouse management, sales and marketing, product management, online trade.
After my apprenticeship as an electrician, I worked in various fields, mostly manual ones.
Last time I worked for another big influencer. I used the knowledge I gained there to take Dach PRO a step forward.
Hand in hand with Selim and Co. improvements are constantly being made.
Ideas are tried to be implemented so that you can enjoy a smooth shop experience.

Damra - warehouse clerk, shipping, warehouse management, product management

After 4 years as manager in a café, I decided to gain a foothold at Dach PRO and, together with my colleagues, to take the shop to a new level.

I learned activities such as warehouse management and inventory early on in the catering sector. Taking over the shipping was therefore an obvious choice.

I am also responsible for the Instagram account "dachpro_shop" and plan stories, posts, etc. there.

Anna - photographer, designer

Lisa - model, influencer

Andi - model

Christian - model

Meanwhile, Dach PRO Shop offers not only clothing, but also a wide range of tools from different manufacturers. Whether professional or hobby tools, from pliers to saws and drills. You will surely find the right tool for your needs and you can rely on Dach PRO's know-how.