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Balcony leaking? Tips from a professional roofer

balkon fachgerecht abdichten

Selim Fritz |

As an experienced master roofer, I am aware that proper balcony sealing is crucial to prevent moisture damage and leaks. In this blog post, I will explain step by step how to professionally seal a balcony, as well as the tools and materials needed.

Materials for balcony sealing:

For balcony waterproofing, you need high-quality waterproofing materials such as waterproofing membranes, flexible sealants, primers and, if necessary, liquid plastic. These materials must be carefully selected and applied correctly to ensure effective waterproofing against moisture and to protect the balcony from damage.

Tools for installation:

To install a balcony waterproofing system, you will need a range of specialised tools, including cutting tools such as knives and scissors, brushes and rollers for applying primer and waterproofing compounds, and, if necessary, a hot air gun for welding waterproofing membranes. These tools are crucial for applying the waterproofing materials precisely and efficiently.

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And here is a helpful video on balcony sealing: youtube.com/watch?v=yourvideo . It offers practical instructions and tips for professional balcony sealing.